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Rethinking the BBC: Public Media in the 21st Century

Rethinking the BBC brings together contributions from the political activists and theorists, including Mariana Mazzucato, Anthony Barnett, Michael Gardiner, and Aaron Bastani; cultural figures including Brian Eno, Philip Pullman and Ian McEwan; and broadcasters and journalists including George Monbiot, Sarah O’Connell, Meirion Jones and Lis Howell.

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The BBC is due to receive a new Charter at the beginning of 2017. So far, despite a painstaking display of public consultation, the proposals on the table do nothing to address serious and longstanding concerns about the ability of the BBC to fulfill its vital public service role. Public media institutions find themselves in an broader information system transformed by digital technology and subject to ever more complete marketisation. Absent fresh thinking, and a renewed commitment to its founding principles, the BBC will drift into irrelevance and obscurity.

Gathered here are some of the most influential thinkers on media politics and policy in the United Kingdom and further afield. They give their assessment of the current state of public service media in Britain and set out to show how another BBC is possible.

Rethinking the BBC: Public Media in the 21st Century is published in partnership with openDemocracy and is free to download in PDF, mobi or epub formats. It is also available as a Kindle.